We build worlds to capture the imagination and we create experiences to uplift the spirit.

NetCode Studios began with an idea to bring together the best in innovative, cutting-edge gameplay and marrying it to the finest in up-lifting storytelling and making it all completely accessible to gamers of every stripe, from the casual once-in-a-while gamer to the hardcore tried-and-true daily grinder. At NetCode, we have built a brand and an ethic that leads the way in bleeding-edge gameplay, from Player-Versus-Player to Single-Player Casual and all genres in between. As a team, we strive to capture the magic and excitement of competitive on-line gameplay for players of all means, accessibility and skill. We look forward, building bigger and better, in order to push boundaries and bring all players—and all people—closer together in the digital world. At NetCode, we are world-class world-builders and our diverse development teams work to bring the best of competitive and casual gaming to everyone across the globe and across all language barriers, making NetCode primed to Capture the Future.

Our Team

Great things can only come from even greater teams, and our team is our greatest strength.

Ali Kojori


After Many years in the entertainment industry, Ali chose to found NetCode Studios to bring together the same vision and expertise that he brought to Electronic Arts, Rockstar, iDreamSky, DreamWorks Animation, Disney and Marvel. At NetCode, Ali challenges his entire team to look forward, to create better worlds and bigger experiences.

John Miles

Line Producer

John is a writer, storyteller and content creator with over 13 years of experience across Print, Digital Media and Film. John brings endless creativity and a fresh approach to creating bigger experiences and better worlds at NetCode, where we capture the future.

Jeremy Rose

Technical Director

A programmer for over 27 years, Jeremy’s hands-on approach and intuitive workflow has propelled him into projects for platforms such as the XboxOne and PS4 with developers such as GameSim, EA Tiburon, iDreamsky and DreamWorks Animation. An expert in his field, Jeremy leads the way in NetCode's pursuit to do bigger, better.

Monte Singman

Independant Board Member

A 36-year leader in the gaming industry, Monte has a diverse track record within international markets and an intimate knowledge of the unique industry needstherein. With a proven history that spans from China to Silicon Valley—working with corporations such as Sony, EA, Capcom and Atari—Monte has both the experience and in-depth knowledge to exceed all of our clients’ needs.

Eric Chu

Art Director

A Film and Animation professional for nearly 35 years, Eric’s career spans decades and continents. From Asia to North America, Eric has worked on such wide-ranging projects as Beetlejuice: the Animated Series, Star Wars: Droids and Battlestar Galactica. Eric’s love of animation and diverse portfolio of work make him supremely qualified to bring our clients’ characters—and worlds—into reality.

Mark Lange

Multimedia Advisor

A veteran in the entertainment industry for 30 years, Mark has the distinct ability to bridge the gap between management and production. Armed with an intuitive understanding of production pipelines and support, Mark has the irreplaceable knowledge and undeniable experience that make him a key member of NetCode’s mission to Capture the Future.