Who We Are

At NetCode Studios, we believe that experiencing gaming entertainment in all its forms is about living out our dreams and capturing the feeling of pure joy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hard-core gamer or a casual game fan, NetCode Studios is focused on delivering high-quality, innovative entertainment to gamers of all pursuits.

Every aspect of our operation, from entrepreneurship to game development, is driven by the minds and hearts of our artists and creators. Everything we do relies on their imaginations, creativity, experiences and talents. Our corporate values are equally born out of our diverse teams' mutual respect and work ethics, all of which underlie our limitless potential and future growth at NetCode, where we Capture the Future.


Our focus is our work, and our work is to entertain. NetCode—New worlds, better experiences.


Our Vision is to be the absolute leader in Competitive Gaming Entertainment by providing superior experiences, unparalleled excitement and exceptional value. At NetCode Studios, we create finely tuned, accessible-to-all gaming experiences that can succeed commercially with a diverse global audience.


Our Mission is to provide outstanding entertainment experiences and rewarding gaming opportunities for our players. We aspire to be the most player-focused game studio in the world and we take great pride in our work—investing heavily in training and development—to achieve best-in-class results across all of our disciplines and products.


Our games promote positivity and excitement. We tell stories about good overcoming evil, triumph in the face of adversity and hope after heartbreak. And we walk the walk within our corporate structure as well, with an inclusive workplace environment and uplifting industry leadership. At NetCode, we are world-class world builders.